Sunday, November 07, 2010


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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tired Angelrat

*sigh* One of the joys of approaching menopause... insomnia... I am not happy to be awake in the middle of the night YET AGAIN... I wish I could remember what it was like to sleep right through the night, it's been so dang long since I have!

I hate Limewire too because Scott has been downloading stuff overnight, and it slows the pooter down dreadfully. Grrrr.

I better take my grumpy self back to bed to try to get some zzzzz's... :)


Angelrat the Wakeful.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

NOT fun in the sun!

Oh HOW I hate being hot. If I was rich i'd spend winters in Australia but go to England for our summer (their winter!)... I just really really hate being sweaty...

Sometimes I think it would be good to drive my car all over the place as it's air conditioned! When I'm an old bat and my kids leave home, I plan to spend summers in shopping centres and libraries where it's cool!!!!

Still nothing exciting happening here. Pfft.

Cheerio for now

Angelrat the Melting!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

school supplies...

Today I made a start on gathering the school supplies for my kids... only three of them have actual lists, so I took those lists to K-Mart today as K-Mart have a "back to school" sale. Major mistake going so early, I think, they still had Christmas cr@p all over the place the school stuff was going into, and not all the school stuff was out yet. The aisles are too close together for two trolleys to pass each other and this rotten cow could see I was caught until she moved, but she insisted on staying where she was... fink... her KID actually tried several times to move their trolley out of my way and she kept putting it back. I did escape in the end, fortunately!

Anyway, after doing battle with the crowds I have got about 2/3 of their stuff. Some books I will have to get from Jacaranda, and there's a few articles I can get locally but they can wait.

Scott's birthday is rapidly approaching too. He wants DVDs and games, and best of all he's planning to come with me to choose them so I cant possibly go wrong :)

I think it's time for a nice coffee now. Cheerio until next time!


Monday, January 01, 2007

More rain!

It rained again today!!! Our back yard looks really horrible now, I cant imagine it recovering any time soon. Sometimes I dream of levelling it and sealing it with concrete so the kids can play cricket there on an even surface but I am not sure I'd be able to do that. Plus the hills hoist is in the way a bit... I'd have to move it somewhere.

I'm making progress with my Everyday Moments album. I really really hate Michael Miller "paper" - it's soooooo stiff, fine for cutting but horrible to sew. But I've nearly finished my MM page. I wonder what possessed me to make it look quilty *sigh* On the plus side, though, I am very happy with the page I did of Stephanie's room, it even has real machine stitching on it!

I'm still pretty stuck on the "My Life" theme. Figures that my fave range (Heidi Swapp) would have a hard theme! I have to go back and put lots of journalling etc through the album.... oooh that makes me nervous as my writing is not that fabulous and always looks a bit funny when I write on things. Maybe card strips are the way to fly... then I can use the pooter.

Must toddle, stuff to do!

Cheerio from

New Year Angelrat.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

It rained!

It finally rained... the past three nights it's been thundery etc, but the first two times it was basically all noise. Tonight, third time was the charm, it peed down rain!

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It hailed too. And it lasted for, oh, a half hour or so. Our back yard became a back quagmire, and our front was flooded (not very deep, but definitely flooded!). Once it all passed, though, I went out the back and scraped up some dirt, the moisture had penetrated less than a centimetre. Pfffft. We will need a LOT more than that to make a real difference.

What's kind of scary is that it seems worthwhile taking photos of the rain. I only have two or three lots of photos for this whole year of rainstorms. The last time I remember Canberra having good solid rain was the first week Scott was at Alfred Deakin - that was five years ago now.

Well, this will be the last entry for 2006 - happy new year everyone!


Saturday, December 30, 2006

It worked!

Hooray for me!

Now, since it's nearly the new year, i guess I should resolve to get my blog as spiffy looking as everyone elses... with artwork and everything :)

bye again...

I'm back!!!!!

I'm back... blogging again... I am soooo hopeless at this sort of thing! I have never been able to keep a diary for the same reason - I just sort of forget and before you know it, months have gone by.

Anyway, I notice this has gone "non-beta" so here I am, checking out the "new" Blogger.
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Experimenting here... you dont really get Spheals in Antarctica, and even if you did I've never been there to photograph one. Wish I COULD go there but I cant see that ever happening somehow.

OK, I'm going to see how this all looks!